How To Choose A Professional Matchmaker

When you are seriously seeking the love of your life, and are tired of meeting women through bars, dating sites and clubs, it’s time to call in the professional matchmaker.

To correctly choose a professional matchmaker to work with you there are several things you need to do to make sure you need to do.

1. Do your research, there are many matchmakers in the industry, but each has a different way they deal with clients, each has different fees and a different way that they run their business. For example, As a matchmaker in Los Angeles, I am very hands on with my clients that I work with, other agencies are large and you might not get as close attention you would with a smaller boutique type agency like mine.

2. A website tells a lot about a matchmaker you might be working with, does the webpage look cold, sterile, or unapproachable, or does it make you feel comfortable and relaxed?

3. Look at how long she/he has been in business and what kind of reviews, if any, have been given to her or him. If there are no reviews, does the person have credible success stories from past clients?

4. Also, you have to ask the agency how many people are in their database, and if you are in another city from the matchmaker you are working with, you should ask if there are enough people in the city that might be interested in meeting you.

5. When signing up with a matchmaker, make sure you sign a contract and read it carefully. Contract lengths vary from matchmaker to matchmaker. Some require a year or six months, where others like me allow their clients to be month to month, and it’s always better to sign a shorter contract upfront just so you know you are the matchmaker make a good team on the road to finding you the love of your life.

Nicole Westwood is a matchmaker based in Los Angeles at Perfect 10 Introductions. As a upscale matchmaker clients in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Miami, New York, London And Paris.


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