Our Code Of Ethics

Unfortunately, the matchmaking industry is one that is rife with dishonest individuals. Many customers come to us after being burned by another agency which lied to them, ignored them or scammed them out of thousands of dollars. As a progressive matchmaking agency, we absolutely DO NOT stand for these kind of practices.

Here is my matchmaking agency’s eight point code of ethics each of our matchmakers follow when working with you as a client:
1. We will never give you the “hard sell.”
Unlike many matchmakers in our industry, we frown upon giving our customers the “hard sell”, after all you are trying to find the love of your life, not buying a car!
2. We will never ask you to sign a year contract upfront.
A year contract is standard in the industry, but unlike the rest, we offer our clients a wide range of contract lengths, starting with one month through one year.
3. Your matches are chosen FOR YOU.
The reason you are paying is to choose women who are potentially good matches for you, if you wanted a bunch of random profiles, you could have just as easily gone to a dating site.
4.  Your matchmaker will always be in contact with you at all times.
We make it a point to call our clients often to check in (once a week at minimum) and always after a date to get feedback.
5. The women in our database are serious about finding the loves of their lives.
The women that we work with are seeking love and commitment. We have a zero tolerance policy for women who are after a man for his money and can generally pick her out within the first few minutes of an introduction.
6. The women we work with are not just “model quality”
Lots of women are “model quality”…in big cities they are a dime a dozen… but very few women are perfect 10’s, a woman who possesses character, intelligence, grace, charm and beauty inside and out.
7. Everyone sees photos before an introduction.
If you can believe it, there are some matchmakers that won’t even show each party photos before the matchmaker initiates an introduction. That is just absurd. We always offer our men and women ample photos and information about the person we have chosen for them.
8. And above all else, we will always be honest with you.
Honesty is paramount at Perfect 10 Introductions, because after all you are entrusting us with helping you make one of the most important decisions of your life!

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