Things To Keep In Mind When Looking For A Professional Matchmaker

Choosing a professional matchmaker is a daunting task. As a matchmaker in Los Angeles, I know the matchmaking industry is rife with dishonest people who change a lot of money and do not provide a lot in return. In this article, I will show you how to choose a good professional matchmaker, one who will help you find the love of your life.

1. If you are paying top dollar, make sure you are working with the owner of the company, other wise known as the head matchmaker, or if they are a larger company, make sure you are work with the head of the organization in your city.   You will want to go to a company that is directly run by a matchmaker, not someone who merely employs matchmakers and pockets the profit.

2. Take a look at the photos of past and present clients on the matchmaker’s website. If they don’t have, that’s ok, it just means maybe they have clients who would prefer not to have their photos up. Look at what kind of photos they put up. Is it mostly women and men in suits or conservative wear? Chances are, this is who is in their database. Some like me, have photos that are both casual and conservative, and a few being tastefully sexy…a HUGE red flag is when the site has women who are in lingerie or something else that most people would not wear out of the bedroom…this is a clue to you that this is probably not so much a matchmaking agency, but more some other kind completely.

3. Make sure to ask if the matchmaking agency shows photos to your prospective matches, if they don’t, run and don’t look back!

4. Make sure to read over your contract throughly, each matchmaker should be working with a contract for the given amount of time that you and they sign.

5.  Make sure they don’t ask for your income, this is completely out of line for any matchmaker to be asking. If you are financially stable enough to pay an agency’s retainer, that should be enough for them and the rest is none of their business. Also, if they ask for income and you are a man, you can probably guess why they women have signed up.

6. Make sure they work with a wide range of ages of women and men. Many agency’s limit the ages of the clients they work with, particularly with women over 35 or 40. You want to work with an agency with the widest ranges possible so you can experience dating all ages of women or men.

Nicole Westwood is an upscale matchmaker who owns Perfect 10 Introductions, a matchmaking agency in Los Angeles.


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