What Attracts A Beautiful Woman?–From A Professional Matchmaker





1) Confidence

Ask a room full of females “What attracts women?”, and the word “confidence” will be ringing in your ears for days. Very simply, if you want to attract beautiful women then you need to learn how to cultivate confidence.

From a women’s perspective, if YOU know and think you’re ‘good’, then you must be – and this quality is very magnetic to a woman. It really pulls her in. In many ways, ‘confidence’ is really just a lack of insecurities in your behavior. And these insecurities can take a while to ‘iron out’ for some guys. But it’s well worth the effort.

2) Being Emotionally Unaffected

Being ‘emotionally unaffected’ means your internal sense of calm and composure is not affected by external circumstances. So even if all hell breaks loose around you, you’re still able to feel good about yourself and maintain control.

This quality is VERY attractive to women. In fact, it’s so important that a woman will often test you right at the start, just to see if she can throw you off guard. If you take the bait, you’ve failed. If you remain emotionally unaffected, you pass. Simple, but not always easy.

3) Being Uncontrollable

Women never feel attracted to men they can control. In the same way she might test your emotions, a woman will often test you by telling you what to do. And, again, what attracts women here is your ability to be ‘uncontrollable’. So you pass the test by not chasing her around, and by not obeying her every command.

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Refuse to obey her orders and you’ll spark more attraction in her. (Note: this doesn’t mean you can’t come to her rescue if she’s in serious need of help. Just don’t turn into her man-servant, because that’s not attractive to women).

4) Leading and Having Fun

If you can communicate to a woman that you are a fun and dominant guy, she’ll find you irresistible. As we know, women are emotional creatures and they love to laugh. So if you can inject laughter and fun into your interactions, while at the same time demonstrating leadership and dominance, you’ve cracked the code to what attracts women again and again and again.

For instance, take a look at any interview in a woman’s magazine, and you’ll always see ‘Sense of Humor’ as being right up there in what she’s looking for in a man.


Nicole Westwood is a matchmaker in Los Angeles who works with couples to help them find long lasting love. 

3 thoughts on “What Attracts A Beautiful Woman?–From A Professional Matchmaker

  1. Confidence is so so key. It attracts other people to you and if you are confident in yourself, it shows. And I love that you said to have fun. I agree, make the best out of any situation. You only live once.

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