How I Recruit Women.

Believe it or not, many matchmakers have stringent guidelines for the women they put in their database. There are even matchmakers who will only work with a woman who is a size 6 and under and under 40, or some that will only work with women under 30. Yuck.

I have NEVER had a client who came to me saying ” I must have a woman under a size 6…or else…” Most men don’t even know what a size 0 from a size 6 is, and sizes can be deceptive. You could have a very slim woman who is 5’9 who is a size 8…well…because she is 5’8…or a woman who is a 34/32 DD (the size of many playboy models), no way she is going to wear under a size 6 or at least not on top.

But back to how recruit women….

I recruit based on what my CLIENTS are looking for, and every man is seeking something a little different.

The common thread that runs through what every client is seeking is am active, healthy woman. Men usually look for a woman with an athletic body type with some curves, men are not usually turned on a woman who is very under or over weight.

I take on women from 19-50, and it’s the 28-45er’s that get the bulk of the matches. The most common reason a man chooses a younger woman is because he wants to have children.

And what about looks? As a matchmaker in Los Angeles, when I first started out, I assumed many men where looking for blondes.


It’s actually brunettes who are clean-cut, fresh-faced, athletically slim and intelligent that get the most attention!


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