How To Attract A Beautiful Woman–From An Executive Matchmaker

A lot of guys will kind of experience hit or miss success with women. Truth be told, they will experience more miss than anything else. While this is what the average guy might go through, YOU don’t have to. At least not anymore. You can learn to emulate the same characteristics that men who attract a woman easily do, and then YOU can be that guy as well.

So, what will YOU do to start attracting beautiful women into YOUR life?

Here’s a few tips that should help you to easily attract a woman:

1. Stop approaching women from the wrong perspective. For too many guys, the goal of approaching a woman is just to talk to her and nothing more. You want to get past this and be a little more “advanced” when you approach a woman. Know from the get go that you really want to do more than just talk to a woman. You want to be able to spark something with her. You want her to feel chemistry when she is around YOU.

2. Look at her in the eyes. A lot of men will have trouble looking a beautiful woman in the eyes. You don’t want to make yourself seem insecure or inferior when you are around a woman. You want her to see you as a man that deserves her attention and you want to project yourself as being someone who is confident in himself. Even around a beautiful woman, you have to be able to hold your composure.

3. Have a little fun flirting with her. I see so many guys that really don’t seem like they are having fun or a good time when they are flirting with a woman. Instead, they appear to be just trying to get it “right.” You don’t have to be a master when it comes to flirting with a woman, you just have to know how to make her feel attraction for YOU. And to do this, you have to be fun to be around.

4. Don’t worry so much about how you look. While it’s true that you DO want to look presentable around a woman, you also don’t want to worry so much that you forget about everything else. It does not usually matter what you are wearing as much as it does how you are interacting with her. If you want to attract a woman, you have to act like a man. And worrying about your clothes, it’s not going to make the right impression on her.



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