What Kind Of Woman Do Men REALLY Go For?

Over the years as an executive matchmaker, I have really come to realize the type of women that men REALLY go for.

And it’s not what you are thinking…it’s not the ultra glossy model…it’s the girl next door.

I think one mistake many matchmakers have made in the business is they tend to think that men are only seeking the model type, but it’s actually the model type that is picked far less than the girls in jeans and tee shirts with their sweet smiles and squeaky clean faces. These are the type of girls that men can see bringing home to mom…and marrying.

The man who is seeking the unattainable model is not seriously looking for a commitment. He is seeking a perfection he will never find no matter how much money he pays to a matchmaker…or he is seeking a trophy wife…

And believe it or not, there are actually some matchmakers who actually cater to these types of guys, the ones who pick girls that look more like strippers or escorts than actual smart, intelligent classy ladies. These men don’t respect themselves, so they can’t possibly respect the women they make their girlfriend or wife.

To be honest the whole “trophy wife” thing really makes me ill, it’s disgraceful in 2011 that women are reduced to being objects…

I really get all sorts of submissions from all kinds of women…and I pick only the very best from glossy model to girl next door. She can be fun, she can be sexy, heck she can be in a bikini, but no woman I ever take on will ever look like she just came home from a gig at a strip club….nor would any legitimate matchmaker.

After all matchmaking is about finding two people long lasting love, finding that future girlfriend or wife. My clients mostly live in large cities, all are successful a have no trouble meeting women. What they have trouble finding is the RIGHT type of woman…and that is where I come in. I introduce them to women that they would be hardpressed find out at any club or bar.

Matchmaking is a time-honored tradition that should be respected. Men have always been after beautiful women, but the ones who are serious interested in anything more than a fling will go for a women who exudes class, style, poise, intelligence and beauty…notice…I put beauty last…


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