Time For A New Era In Matchmaking.

The man who I have been with for over 3 years now loves Disneyland, and the sad fact of it was, here I was a California native, and I had never been!

So, it took him to encourage me to buy a pass and check it out for the first time, and I did, and I loved it, so we make it a regular outing and go every couple weeks.

One thing about Disneyland that I noticed right away was just how friendly everyone was–they really put customer service as a top priority–and always have.

This had me thinking what is lacking with most matchmaking agencies…well there is actually two things….and a major one is customer service.

Many matchmakers are guilty of two things–giving their clients the hardsell and giving very poor customer service, which is a shame because when you are a matchmaker, you are dealing with the most important choice a person will EVER make–the person they spend their life with!

It makes me sad that most of my clients come to me from matchmakers who have treated them badly, ones who have lied and cheated them out of their money.

I think the most important aspect of a matchmaker-client relationship is trust, honesty and kindness and most of all RESPECT.

You can meet the love of your life through the executive matchmakers at Perfect10introductions.com

Nicole Westwood in an upscale matchmaker and a matchmaker in Los Angeles.


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