Trophy Wives Need Not Apply.

I think I am probably one of the only matchmakers in LA who is saying this, but I do not want to work with any woman whose goal it is to be a trophy wife, nor will I worked with any man whose goal it is to have one.

You want to date a woman who looks like a model, fine by me. You want to date a woman younger than you? That’s ok too…I actually get a large number of women requesting men….and surprise surprise…they are not looking for sugar daddies.

As an executive matchmaker I work with beautiful, intelligent, sweet, classy women.

Yes. They look like models, but looks are the least of their good qualities! I know as a matchmaker in Los Angeles that beautiful women are a dime a dozen, but a Perfect 10, a woman who is a combination of class, beauty, intelligence, and kindness is even better.

But there are some matchmaking agencies that are grooming their female clients to be the future trophy wives of LA and Orange County…

Today I had a new young woman come to me. She is really gorgeous, smart, fit, intelligent, the whole she-bang.

She came to me because she had been a client of one of these agencies and she actually said that they were running out of men to introduce her to…

She further explained to me that when she was set up on a date, she got NO pictures…

No pictures?…?


No Pictures?…?

What about this little thing we call attraction? That is sort of like one of the basic elements of chemistry…isn’t it?

If the woman isn’t going to be attracted to the man…what is the point of them wasting their time to go on a date?


I think these companies think that maybe the woman will fall so deeply in love with his money it won’t matter what he looks like, except for the fact this is matchmaking, not sugar daddy for me.

And this girl, ironically is attracted to older men, 35-55.

She is my age, 28.

Yet, there HAS to be attraction, that is the first step of seeing if there will be chemistry, no attraction…no deal…that’s just how the game of true love is played.


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