So…You Want To Date A Younger Woman–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Men seem to have an age-old obsession with young, beautiful, and sexy women. This preoccupation starts when men are teenagers and continues well on to middle age when husbands often leave their wives for much younger girls. If you are interested in attracting the younger sex, we’ll show you how to date a young woman.

One of the first things you need to realize is that young women are often more concerned with appearance than their older counterparts. The majority of teenagers or young ladies are still able to maintain a curvy figure and healthy skin with relatively little effort. That’s one of the reasons older women often envy young individuals who still possess the beauty they once experienced in their own youth.

Consequently, you will need to step it up a notch with relation to outward appearance if you want to learn how to date a young woman. Showing up in a wrinkled, old t-shirt and outdated pants will definitely not win you any points if your date is a young, trendy woman. Purchase a magazine such as GQ or consult a female’s opinion to find out what clothing is “in” at the time. You also need to hit the gym as often as you can and make sure you know how to use a beard trimmer or razor.

This next tip may sound strange at first, but it really works. If you want to learn how to date a young woman, you should remain unpredictable. You will probably read lots of books claiming that women crave stability. This may be true, but young members of the opposite sex also desire adventure and intrigue.

Getting a young woman to like you, involves keeping her interested in you. This won’t be very easy if you she already knows everything about you. Therefore, choose to remain a little evasive when answering many of her questions, or act interested in the date and then state that you are not even interested in a relationship at the moment. Young women are used to men falling all over them, so don’t play into this trap. Keep them guessing and you will find these ladies anticipating your next move with baited breath.

Learning how to date a young woman is not as hard as it may seem. Make sure you present yourself in the best possible light by keeping up with the fashion trends and remaining physically fit. You should also maintain an air of unpredictability, which will peak a young woman’s interest. She may have lots of other young men chasing after her, but you will be the one she wants to catch.

Nicole Westwood is an upscale matchmaker, a matchmaker in Los Angeles and a executive matchmaker


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