How You Can Know He Loves You–From An Executive Matchmaker

We women pride ourselves on having an exceptional intuition when it comes to many circumstances and life events, however nothing is harder to read than the inner thoughts of a man.

Especially when it’s a man we are extremely interested in and are hoping that he feels the same in return.

To make things even more difficult; men don’t express themselves quite as vocally or as obviously as we would sometimes like them too. However on the plus side, most men do give some tell-tale signs that they are inexplicably falling for someone if they exhibit one or more of the following traits:

First off, actions speak louder than words!

This is especially true in a number of ways aside from the classic phone call, text message, door opening and chair presenting. His actions will do all the talking and ‘expressing’ for him.

One dead giveaway is if he isn’t afraid to show some form of public affection.

How sweet and comforted does it make us feel when men hold our hands, lock an arm in ours, or embrace us from any direction? What about the way they kiss us sweetly on the lips before every departure, upon every arrival, and at all the best times?

Well they aren’t as clueless to our feelings as they sometimes let on because they know we love these small gestures of affection.

They know that tucking that flyaway hair behind our ear and massaging our shoulders when tension creeps up will make us that much more appreciative, thus falling into the throe’s of momentary elation/gratitude, and everlasting attraction.

Another definite measure some men take to express the level of their love is when they begin to offer gifts, of any nature, to the woman they fancy. He may go out of his way to figure out what you love and what you hold dear just to surprise you with something similar and completely unexpected.

He knows this would completely brighten your day and leave a fresh impression of him on your mind for its remainder.

The more creative kind might make something hand-made out of his own artistic abilities just to impress you with something more personally sentimental. Still others may actually shower you with gifts in his desperation to prove just how much he is devoted and willing to make you his!

This is especially true if he happens to remember special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries, and makes sure ahead of time that he has planned something special just to prove, without words, that he has remembered.

Do you ever wake up to see his smiling face looking at yours and pondering how it was he managed to get so lucky? If so, you can bet your bottom dollar that he truly is counting his lucky stars whenever he meets your gaze.

As ‘creeper-ish’ as it might seem at first – several men, on occasion, watch as their partner sleeps. In fact, their intention is entirely opposite of being creepy as they only do this to revel in the fact that you have chosen him to spend your time, or perhaps your very life with, and nothing makes him happier!

Perhaps you may catch him stealing a sneak peek at you from the side as you absorb yourself in whatever it is your currently doing. Not always, but a lot of the time men may do this discreetly as you engage yourself in conversation with someone else, make certain decisions, or perform a specific action.

Believe it or not, this is mainly because he finds himself in sudden awe of your beauty, admires your prowess and personally feels more honored, worthy, and happy to be within your company.

Sidelong glances and lingering gazes of sheer adoration prove just how much he can never get enough of your effervescent charm.

Most importantly is whether or not he accepts you for who you are. Not only the person you may have been in the past, nor the one you aspire to be in the future, but the one he currently interacts with at any given moment.

This is the person he must learn to love and respect, honor and cherish until his dying breath. So if he learns to accept you and every single one of your flaws and imperfections, big and/or small – he is a definite keeper!

Most flaws are overlooked upon the initial beginning of most relationships, either because they are not yet evident or because they have not been a cause for concern. Over time however, this may change.

This is why it is encouraged by many people to wait up to six months if not more, before deciding if he is really the one for you. This way you both have plenty of time to learn about each others previous mistakes, future concerns, insecurities, and any other shortcomings you deem appropriate.

If after all that he is still standing strong by your side; he must truly be falling, and falling hard!

On rare occasions however, some men may still not be ready for a full-time commitment. He may show all the signs that he is absolutely in love and even honestly mean it when he says he is in love with you, just not quite yet ready to settle down.

But what if you knew a secret and trusted method that could ease his fears and have him second-guessing his marital opinions?

You could have him dancing in the palm of your hand if you knew just how easy it was to ease his mind of committal concerns.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6422726


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