Three Tips For A Great First Date–From An Executive Matchmaker

Where would you take a girl for your first date? The most common answer to this is usually, “dinner and a movie” unfortunately this is the wrong answer for multiple reasons. Taking the girl to the ‘right’ place on the first date is very important part of making a great first date.

Simply put, sitting across the table from a girl for your first date is not the best way to get get to know her. It puts both of you in an uncomfortable situation where it is hard to have a high quality interactions with the girl. Here are the three 1st date tips to ensure your date is a good one.

1st Date Tip #1: Meet her for Coffee or Drinks

Meeting in restaurant is an inherently awkward situation, but meeting the girl for coffee or for drinks is far more casual. Casually meeting the girl for coffee or drinks puts the whole date in a far less formal area. It allows you to be more comfortable around her and therefore more confident.

That is an extremely important factor.

Confidence is one factor that many women look for in a man, above all other aspects. By being in a place where you are comfortable rather than some place where you are not you give yourself the best chance for her to see you in positive light.

…and that is only part of the reason why a casual “coffee or drinks” will be better than a more formal “dinner out.” The other big reason is in case you and the girl do not mesh. Not every relationship was meant to be. By keeping it casual you are able to not waste as much money or time on the date. If it doesn’t work out you even have time to go out and try to find another girl later in the evening.

1st Date Tip #2: Play Games with Her

This is not about, “playing games with her emotions”. It is all about actually playing games. Many places where games are played are great places to take her on the 1st date because of the “casual” factor but also because they are fun. Girls like confident guys but they also want to have a fun time with you. What better way to show her you are fun loving than to take her to a place that is inherently fun.

Some first date fun ideas:

1. Mini-golf
2. Video Game place (think Dave and Busters or Gameworks)
3. Boardwalk
4. Party
5. Pool Hall
6. Beer/Wine tasting tours

1st Date Tip #3: Get physical with her

This does not mean sex. Although it doesn’t exclude it. During your date it is important to develop a level of physical contact. Building this sexual tension helps to think of you in a romantic way and keeps you from falling into the dreaded “friend” zone. What getting physical with her really means (in this context) is taking her out for a physical activity for your date.

This one may depend on the girl. There are going to be some girls that do not like the idea of having a date that involves physical activity. But a surprising amount would think this type of date is not only novel, but a huge amount of fun.

Here are some ideas for first date physical activities:

1. Go on a hike
2. A walk on the beach or park
3. Ice Skating
4. Rollerblading
5. Mountain biking (if she is the real physical type)


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