Questions To Ask A Girl On A First Date–From An Executive Matchmaker

Do you know that the success of your date is determined by what you talked about and the way you talked? You see women do consider a guys looks and his financial status but what’s the use if such a guy is not able to hold a good conversation. It becomes extremely important to know what questions you should ask a female on a date and how to keep it interesting. Read on to discover some of the best questions you should ask your date to achieve mind blowing results.

What are your future plans- This question would probably get her thinking about her future plans and would also give her the indication that you are probably interested in a long term rather than just a short termed thing.

What do you look for in men? – Well this might be a bit straight forward but hey this is probably the best way to let her open up and see what she is looking for.

What do you love doing in your free time- This would make her tell you some of the things she likes and dislikes. This way you can mould your future conversation to avoid things she dislikes.

What has been your biggest dream- This question would instantly get her excited as dreams are something everyone likes to talk about and you would get some idea as to what she wants out of life and if possible you might be able to help her achieve it.

What was the funniest moment of your life- This would add a little humor to the conversation and you would get a good laugh out of it as well. You see when you ask her what her funniest moment has been like she would be more than willing to ask you about your funniest moment too.



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