Six Ways To Know If You Are Too Desperate To Be In A Relationship.

Everyone wants to find love, but if you are too desperate, you might end up alone…or worse…with a partner that is at best…less then adequete.

1. You’re mantra is ” I am just so tired of the dating scene…”

No one ever said dating was easy…it’s probably one of the hardest things that you will ever do. Sometimes people have to search for years to find the one.  The biggest mistake anyone can ever make is settling someone simply because they are the first one to pop up after a year ( or two…or three of dating).

2. You put up with lying, cheating, commitment-phobia, immaturity etc because you have a whole bunch of things in common and because he is a good looking guy.

Someone who lies to you does not love you. Period. Move on.

3. You actually have to ask them to change their Facebook status. 

Or you know you are really desperate when you actually start caring about your facebook status.

4. You make him delete his ex girlfriend’s phone number, his dating profile on Plenty Of Fish, his facebook friends, and anything that deals with any other woman in his life except you.

5. You say you are going to “ride this one out and see where it goes”, despite the fact that you have nagging feeling you just can’t shake.

6. Your friends constantly remind you ” You could do SO much better.”


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