Signs Of Rebound Relationships–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Entering a new relationship may seem like the best idea especially if you want to recover after breaking up. But the reality is the world doesn’t operate like that. Most rebound relationships don’t end up very well, with one party feeling used by the other.

When one is on the rebound, he or she forms a new romantic relationship with another person immediately after ending one. This is not a good way of forgetting about a past love, mainly because there are still some issues that weren’t resolved in the past relationship.

Back into Comforting Arms

Though there is no definite time when you would be able to cope up with a breakup, it’s good to spend some time being single again before exploring a new relationship. A month may be too soon to hook up with a new partner, so wait until your heart and your mind are ready to accept that new person in your life.

Most people easily fall into this trap because, let’s admit it, it feels good to feel wanted again. This is especially true when you just got out of a relationship where more painful moments are shared than the good ones. It also feels comforting to be in the arms of another person again, and this helps you in momentarily forgetting about your painful past.

Spot the Signs

As mentioned beforehand, rebound relationships are romantic affairs that take place right after a breakup. These are usually whirlwind-type romances where both parties are intoxicated with the newfound love. Sometimes people in rebound relationships rush into moving in together or getting married because it feels right at the moment.

Rushing into this kind of relationship often has its consequences. You might feel at the beginning that everything is going fine and that things are perfect. But when you come home at night, when there’s no one there to hold you, you’ll feel the pain of the past relationship again. It’s a vicious cycle and you’re kidding yourself by thinking that things will turn out differently.

Unfortunately, that is not that case. Since you entered this new relationship a little too soon, you might not have had enough time to get to know your partner outside the romantic relationship. You might have had expectations that make feel your new partner like he cannot measure up, simply because your expectations are not realistic enough.

Moving On

While the proposition of a new relationship sounds attractive, it’s best that you tackle things on your own first. Solve whatever issues you might have had in the past. If you think you need to improve on certain aspects, go ahead and give yourself the time for a makeover. It’s not only the physical aspects we’re talking about here. If you were constantly finding faults in others, especially your former partner, use this time alone to analyze what drove you to that point.

I cannot stress any further why spending some time being single is important. Before you rush in a new relationship, take a closer look at yourself and find out what areas you need to improve on. By the time a new potential partner, you’ll be ready to give 100% of yourself, without ever looking back at your past.



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