The Eight Types Of Women–From An Executive Matchmaker

Each woman has specific traits and characteristics. Once you decode those traits and figure to which category she fits in, you can use custom strategies to attract her. To cut things short, below we highlight eight different types of women.

1. The Playette

This type of women is overly protective of herself. You will find the Playette almost everywhere as this type is the most common and most difficult to crack. She is more of an observer rather than engager and might come across as shy.

2. The Social Butterfly

This type is the most desirable. The Social Butterfly is pretty and energetic. She sweeps you off of your feet and then leaves you wanting more. She is like a butterfly hard to catch – unless you know what you are doing.

3. The Hopeful Romantic

The Hopeful Romantic is somewhat old-fashioned looking for a potential long-term lover.

4. The Cinderella

This type of women is exceptionally beautiful and dresses in a way that is sexy, revealing, but always classy and mature. She seeks to be as attractive as possible and is a head-turner capturing the attention of the males wherever she goes. The key irony is the fact that this type is often single. She is very passionate and doesn’t mind sleeping with a man if she knows he is not going to run away.

5. The Private Woman

This type of women has two sides: a mysterious-yet-innocent exterior and a passionate and sensitive interior. She is a giver making her man feel special. Yet she is scared of getting attached to a man once she opens up.

6. The Seductress

This type of women is confident, sexual, and independent. She has a strong frame and can be intimidating to weak and insecure men. She assesses men and once she spots weakness, she just moves over to another male.

7. The Connoisseur

This type of women is extremely picky, practical, and cautious when it comes to choosing males. She is also giver and for her sex is special, something she can’t give to anyone. She is a devoted and caring woman when it comes to relationships. Once she sleeps with someone, she is likely to get attached.

8. The Modern Woman

This type of women is independent, ambitious, focused on her career, enjoys dating and men and not to serious about relationships. She is the type that is comfortable with casual fun. She is rational, sexual, and common. She might end up in your friends with benefit zone.

Vin Di Carlo calls his system the Pandora’s Box and provides techniques and strategies for you on how to figure out the woman’s type. Then he provides accurate description on each of the type and finally he reveals detailed strategies on how to converse, touch and bed every type.

If you want to have constant success in dating women, you must have the Pandora’s Box on your shelf. This product will literally help you increase your understanding of women, your approach strategies, and your success rate.


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