Ways To Show Your Girlfriend You Love Her–From An Executive Matchmaker

Because of the widespread romantic movies, a lot of corny romantic ideas have been seen before. Yet there are still a lot of small effective romantic ideas that you can deploy. Remember that romance has a personal link between both of you. So consider carefully your romantic ideas and make sure they spur the interest and suit the personality of your beloved one. Remember that romance and passion are more important than a happy ending. Life is too short not to be romantic.

Idea # 1
This works perfectly when your lover is travelling away for a few days. Express your love and tell her that you are worried about her. That’s why you hired for her a special bodyguard to look after her. Then pull out a small teddy bear and give it to her.

Idea # 2
Buy a packet of glowing stars and letters. Stick the stars on the ceiling of your bedroom above your bed directly and then include between the stars a message such as “I Love You”. When you go to sleep, cuddle with your lover, turn the lights down, and tell her to look at the stars.

Idea # 3
You’re sitting home and relaxing. Grab the phone and order a pizza. Make sure to ask them to cut into a heart shape before it is delivered to your home. Tell her to open it.

Idea # 4
Prepare a dinner someplace special and unexpected such as on a hill, on a boat, etc. Pick your partner up for a date and blindfold her before driving to a special destination. It needs to be something that will have an impact when she removes the blindfold.

Idea # 5
Buy your partner a bowl of mixed fish. Yet one of the fish should be a goldfish. Give it to her with a card saying: “Of all the fish in the sea, you’re the only fish for me”.

Idea # 6
Romance and red roses go hand in hand. The oldest trick in the book still makes wonders. Spread red rose petals all over the bedroom as you prepare to go to bed.

Idea # 7
Get her a wristwatch within budget but elegant. You can get a decent quality watch for US$100. After you get the watch, put on the back of it a special inscription saying: “I always have time for you”.

Idea # 8
This is simple and short but very powerful. Arrive before her to your house. Buy some post-it packs and write on all of them “I love you”. Then stick them all over the house. When she arrives make sure to wait for her in the bedroom.

Idea # 9
There is nothing more powerful than music in stirring up emotions. Prepare for her a love CD, attach an appropriate note to the CD and give it to your lover. Here are a few album titles that might inspire you.

• Come Away with Me, Norah Jones
• Love Scenes, Diana Krall
• Greatest Hits, Mariah Carey
• You Light Up My Life, Leann Rimes
• Still Crazy After All These Years, Paul Simon
• Savage Garden, Savage Garden
• Let’s Talk About Love, Celine Dion
• Fields of Gold, Sting

Idea # 10
This works beautifully when your lover is travelling for few days. Go to the airport the night before she’s going to leave. Take one red rose and put it in a small locker that you rent in the airline terminal. Put the flower in the locker. Just before she leaves for the airport, hand her the key to the storage locker.


One thought on “Ways To Show Your Girlfriend You Love Her–From An Executive Matchmaker

  1. I prepared for my wife a TLC box-Tender Loving Care box. In it put bubble bath soap, fragrant candles, and a little card on how to use this box. With a little CD of light music to play when she have her bubble bath.

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