Date A Pirate…Or Not.

Today I was surfing the high seas of the internet when I came across a brand new type of dating site I have never seen before..


Yes, there IS such a thing, although their website has not officially launched yet (I have posted a screen shot of what the site will look like) , while I am not sure what the deal is with this site…or even if it is a real site (apparently it’s made by some guys in Sweden) , it is a testament to how saturated the online dating market is. There are SO many dating sites out there that a person who wants to make a quick buck off an internet site better come up with something pretty original…

Hence piratedate.com.

With all of these dating sites popping up everywhere, it’s hard to trust who to go to and where to meet the person you are seeking, and that is why I think the matchmaking industry has become some popular over the years, people are tired of going through online profile after online profile of people who might look nothing like their photos and ready to get serious and meet the one…

and if you not ready at this very second to find the love of your life…you can always date a pirate.


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