The Needy Partner: How To Avoid Relationship Burnout.

If there is one thing…and one thing only that will cause relationship burn-out, it is a having a partner who is needy.

A person could be needy in many ways, but mostly it has to do with the time and devotion you spend to the relationship, a person who is needy demands more time and devotion then the normal partner, and because of this, the partner who is the stronger of the two will eventually burn out.

The needy man or woman will always press their partner for more time, will demand more time than their partner has to give. For a busy, hard-working person who is trying to balance a social schedule, personal time, a work schedule and time with the person they are dating, this can quickly lead to burn out.

This sort of  behavior is general associated with women, but increasingly it is on the rise with men, and it’s one of the fastest sources of relationship burn out. Contrary to what guys might think, it’s a huge turn off for most women to date a needy guy.

Most women, even if they are strong want to date a man who is confidant, in charge and who gives her enough space to be who is and have a life outside of him, he’s not sitting by the phone at home waiting for her to call, when he’s not with her, he’s living his life…and having a good time. The only types of women that tend to stay with needy men are the women who feel as if they need to be needed, and have issues of their own, but for a strong, confidant woman and needy man is a turn off.

In today’s modern, hectic world, the ideal arrangement is spending one evening date together, and one weekend day, when you are with the person you care about, you are with them and no one else, this means you turn off your iPhone, Android or blackberry, stop tweeting, facebooking and anything else you do and just enjoy the time you have with the one you love.

And when you are not with the person, go out, work hard, spend time with your friends, family and even by yourself, build up a balance life, and your relationship with grow strong because of it.


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