One Tip That Will Keep Your Relationship Going Strong

Let’s face it, there are some pretty big differences between men and women, and some of those differences rear their ugly heads when you start dating someone or in a long-term relationship or marriage.

One of the biggest differences between men and women is in their differences when it comes to communication. Women are talkers and men are fixers. When women are having issues they need to talk to someone to vent their stress, sadness, frustration or confusion. When they talk with their girlfriends or female family members to have a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to cry on and a soft place to land, but it becomes quite different when they talk to their partner.

This is because unlike women, men discuss their problems with other men when they are usually looking for a solution.

So when woman goes to talk with a man about a problem in her life, he assumes, being a man she is looking for solution, and being a man who cares about her he’s going to find the solution…and damn quick.

Yet, the problem is, when he comes up with a solution to her problems, many times she won’t listen…because she wasn’t looking for a solution, she was just looking to talk…which leads to frustration from his side that he worked hard to come up with a solution that she doesn’t care about and thus he feels frustrated, unappreciated and hurt.

For the women reading this article, keep this in mind the next time you approach the man with any issue you might be having. Before you go into any problems with him on the phone, make it clear that you are just looking for a sympathetic ear from the one you love…and nothing more…he then will know he is off-the-hook for being Mr. Fix-it and knows that all he is has to do is just listen.

For the men reading this article, as you probably know, women are hard to figure out, but you put up with us because you love us despite all of our sex’s zany quirks…if your girlfriend is presenting you with a problem, before you go putting your Mr. Fix-It hat on, ask her “would you like me to do for you….?”

When you can follow these simple steps you can communicate with your partner despite all of the differences that make us men and women and start having a great relationship with the one you love.



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