Tactics For Men Who Want To Attract Beautiful Women

Avertisements try to convince us that a man can find a girlfriend by having a fancy car or using the right aftershave or tooth whitener. In reality attracting women requires more than purchases at the supermarket or the car lot. Men make an estimated 80 percent of the first moves in the seduction playground, according to Men’s Health editor, Kyle Western. Attractiveness to women can be easily increased by understanding what they really want and presenting those characteristics, while avoiding traits that women perceive as unattractive or threatening. Usually in relationships between men and women the smallest things make lasting impressions.

Let’s start with the most common mistakes men should avoid:

Quite often, men, when trying to attract a woman’s attention, tend to act tense, nervous and even scared. Their fear of rejection prevents them from being themselves and this drives back the lady. Smile and enjoy the act of attracting a woman without worrying about the outcome.

Women despise men playing “Mister nice guy”. We all have heard that the nice guy never gets the girl, right? The truth is that most “nice” guys aren’t all that nice. Women know perfectly that this is a manipulative trick and run away, or lose interest.

Stop caring what she thinks about you. The more a woman senses that a man is trying to make her like him (also known as “try hard” disease) the more unconcerned she gets.

Most guys make another mistake – they try to impress a woman in the same way they impress another guy – by bragging and showing off. Women are aware that this self-promotion is a strategy for attraction. Evolutionary psychologists have found that women are pre-programmed to mistrust a guy’s words. That’s why they watch carefully his actions and his behavior.

The next trap here is being too honest. By doing so, men jump over the fun part of seduction – the discovery process.

Don’t become too emotional over a woman – many guys start centering their lives around the woman they want to attract. Women need to feel comfortable enough around a man before they start to share emotions with him. This is what women really mean by “friends first”, because they look for security. Being too emotional shows just the opposite – insecurity, which is unattractive.

The good tactics:

When it comes to attraction, many men forget that a woman bases her attraction on feelings, not logical deduction. Most men make the mistake of trying to make it logical and rational for a girl to like him by doing many things for the woman and showing her what a nice person he is through his actions.  Women do not want men to endlessly chase after them all the time although they would like the attention.

During the first dates be truthful about your intentions, and don’t disguise yourself by being super nice and agreeable. The reason this turns women off is that they have a truth-detector and they can see right through the act. Be real and be a pleasant person.Women are more likely to be attracted toward men who they find nice. The first thing that impresses us when we first meet another person is his/her appearance. That’s why men should take care of the way they look, their clothes and hygiene. For some women, clothes make the man. Keep up with the fashion styles and trends and update your wardrobe, because the way we care about ourselves tells women a lot about our nature.

Instead of talking too much, or always trying to figure out what to say next in order to impress a woman, men should focus their attention on the lady. A good way to start is to listen carefully about her work, hobbies and interests, as well as feelings. Women like to be praised, but it is an art to do it exquisitely. A nice way to capture a woman’s attention is to praise her for things you frankly like about her. That’s a way to make her feel special and induce her get out with you again.

The factors, women find attractive in men are:

Funstability and originality: Being original is an undisputed quality woman find attractive in men. When it is accompanied with good sense of humor and the ability to generate a good time anywhere, women will be definitely excited. Since most guys get nervous and insecure around women, the guy who make a woman feel relaxed and have fun with him is five steps ahead of the game. The beauty of a man is in his masculine appearance. Most ladies are attracted towards strongly built men, because they need protection in a world, where the fittest survives.

Confidence and ambition – 90% of all communication is non-verbal. Body language is crucial. Thus, a man has to include plenty of eye contact and smile, to hold his head and chest high and keep his hands out of his pockets and to focus on appearing self-assured, relaxed and comfortable.  No matter how good looking or wealthy a man is, if he is not confident, he will have difficulties in building and maintaining women’s attraction. The explanation for this is simple – if we don’t appreciate our own qualities, or we underestimate them, we receive low estimation from the others around us, because when we are not self confident, our body will radiate our inner insecurities. Women look for men who have goals and dreams, men with ability to survive and positions of power. In addition, confident men with explorative nature are liked by women, because they provide innovations in relationships.

Show intelligence – a man is attractive when he is an expert or knowledgeable in a particular field.  Women like talking about sociological, lifestyle and world issues and the male will be ahead in the game if he can carry on a good conversation (Of course, this doesn’t mean to bore her with rattling off boring statistics or trivia). Emotional intelligence is also important. No matter how successful a man is, if he is unable to express his feelings and calibrate to someone else’s emotional state, then women won’t rank him highly. Ladies also find men attractive, who know how to act in social situations and deal successfully with them. The fairer sex prefer males who take the role of leaders in a group.

Demonstrate that you are a Kid-lover – a research made by Menshealth showed that 75% of women get attracted to men who can hold a baby without looking uncomfortable. The trick is to “Hold the baby vertically so he’s looking away from you, and use your chest to support his head and neck. Tuck one hand under his butt and the other under his armpits. Bounce him gently if he fusses; pass him along without panic if he reeks.”Women adore men who can communicate effectively with children, because unconscientiously they are looking for the father of their child.

Challenge her – Once you have got talking to her and she has been impressed by your natural charm, the next important step is to create sexual tension by challenging the lady by mixing the signals. You have been nice and pleasant, but try to keep the distance. That’s how you will tease her imagination and make her have another date with you to decode the mystery around you.

How to approach a woman:

  • Compliment her in order to show her that you are noticing her beauty
  • Use negative hits – make her seek your approval. (But don’t insult her) For example: “I like you, but you seem like too much of a good girl.” This shows you like her, but you don’t see her in a sexual way. This will make her alter your platonic image of her.
  • Ask her how her day was as if you are an old friend of hers.
  • In a bar or a restaurant: if there is an empty chair next to her, ask if it is free. If it is, sit next to her and say that this must be your lucky day, because not only did you find a seat, but it happened right next to hers and smile.
  • On a dance floor: Dance around your target and get her attention, move around to show her that you are checking your options and then come back to her. If she is interested she will try to contact you and make you stay near. Don’t touch her, unless she gives you the green light.

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