The Most Common Mistakes Men Make In Relationships

Here are the top mistakes men make in their relationships with women from executive matchmaker, Nicole Westwood.

Pretending to meet her expectations? – Be yourself instead

The reason your girl friend is dating you, is that she liked you as you are. Don’t try to become someone she told she dreamt of, as her perfect date. Just be yourself and you will find her closer to you.

Of course, everyone has fear of rejection and that is human nature. But, don’t play games just because you want her attention. Be real and genuine! Keep growing as an individual and she will stay interested in you.

Clinging to the past? – Leave the past where it belongs

If you have had a relationship in the past. Just dump it as you dumped your favorite jeans that tattered. Get over your ex completely before you get into a new relationship. Discussing and comparing your ex-girl friend with new one can be a real turn-off.

Keeping things to you? – Communicate

Relationships rest on how well you understand your mate. Share things with your girl friend and strengthen the bonding. This will make you more free and comfortable with each other. Sharing keeps love alive! If you have an argument, keep a mum for few minutes, but don’t sleep over your problems. Relax and then discuss it calmly, to bring them to an end.

Spending too much time with her? – Big No-No

You will be risking too much doing this. If you spend most of time with her, you will not be able to spare time for your friends. And, you might lose close friends. Moreover, you’ll be smothering her personal time. A little bit of space braces the bond of love and the urge to meet too!

Saying ‘I Love you’, soon and frequently? – Be generous in their usage

Don’t shower her with these three words more often. Let them work their magic once in a while. Women love to hear them, but an over dose might jade the spark. Also, don’t use these magical words early in your relationship. Love is all about correct timing. Revealing the suspense in the beginning would throw the audience out of the theatre. Build it up, let her wait and long for it.

She is not perfect? – She’ll never be

It’s not a person who is perfect, it is the relationship two people make that becomes perfect. Nobody is perfect in fact, sometimes we see the faults early, and others not until later. Friendship in a couple makes their relationship strong enough to endure. Don’t expect her to change, develop an understanding rather, so that the good outweighs the bad. Expectations make relationships nerve-racking and fragile!

You are an open book? – Keep some mystery

Don’t be readily available. Let her explore you, wonder about you. Monopolize her thoughts! Uncertainty and unpredictability keeps the spark in relationship. Sweet surprises have a touch of the unknown! Foster the ability to keep the mystery!


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