Five Signs Your Relationship is Doomed.


Dating and relationships are hard, there is no question about it, some relationships are meant to be and some are not. Here are 10 signs to tell that your relationship is doomed to failure letting you know Mr. or Ms. Right might not be Mr. Or Ms. Right now.

1. You play the break up-make up game.

One minute your on, one minute your off again. Your Facebook relationship status changes more than your clothes. Playing the break up-make up game is a sure sign that you relationship is NOT strong enough to last and that you and she/he don’t have what it takes as a couple to deal with the challenges that normally come as part of the development of a long-term relationship.

2. He/she was dishonest with you or lied to you.

Get out while you can, there is no excuse for dishonesty, EVER.

3. When you are together, it’s a fighting match.

Time spent together is not fun, instead it involves fights which remained unresolved. Couples in healthy relationships do fight, but at the end of the day they are able to resolve it, learn from it and move on with the relationship.

4. You are with someone who is desperate for attention.

While having a girlfriend or boyfriend who is constantly text messaging you, e-mailing you or calling you might be cute in the beginning, it gets very old after a while. If you have a partner who is bearing down on your independence and it’s affecting other parts of your life including your social and work life, it’s time to get a little (or a lot) of space.

5. You (0r they) choose to stay with this person because it’s better than being alone or because you (or they) think you can’t find better.







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