Is It Love?

Many people ask me as a executive matchmaker if I believe in love at first sight. Most people are surprised by my very unromantic answer:

I don’t.

What I do believe in is CHEMISTRY at first sight…that glittering feeling when you first meet someone you have an deniable connection with…that is chemistry…not love, better yet it can be described as the seeds of something that can grow into the love of your life, but there is a lot of growing to get from one to the other…many months and years in fact.

When two people who have had some great chemistry get into a relationship, the first few months are often the easiest, this is, as you probably know is called the ‘honeymoon period’, where you are high on life and love and nothing can go wrong…

And then it does…but don’t worry that’s normal…

After several months of dating someone, you start to notice their little quirks and their annoying habits. You start to notice things about them that you now can’t stand. Perhaps they have a different vision of a relationship then you have, or perhaps you just have conflicting life goals or values.

Perhaps you are independent and aloof and they are dependent and need attention, perhaps you are a workaholic and they barely work…differences like this can cause major rifts in relationships, and can be a test to just how strong your relationship is.

Many couples tend to break up around this time, but the ones who come out of this period of tests, their relationship will grow stronger good relationship will go through several of these sort of tests in the first few years of formation, the goal each partner is to listen to another and compromise to make the relationship even better, and if no compromise can be made, you might be best looking for love somewhere else, but if you can be patient with you relationship, you might just find true love


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