Matchmaker Perfect 10 Introductions Celebrates Diversity

One problem of many in the current matchmaking industry is the lack of diversity on many matchmaker’s websites and in their databases.

Most matchmakers have a site are littered with a whole lot of caucasian men and women (or more likely stock photos), in going to some of the top matchmaker’s sites I am yet to see one African-American, Asian or Latin man or woman.

To me, being a Los Angeles matchmaker, living in a city with a hundred and one different cultures this really strikes me as very backwards and ignorant. Not is it ignorant, but from a business point of view, by having SUCH a lack of diversity on their pages, they are probably loosing customers that are not caucasian.

At Perfect 10 Introductions, we celebrate diversity. We encourage men and women of all races, faiths and ages to inquire about our services.


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