How To Tell He or She Is A Perpetual Bachelor or Bachelorette…

For many, the idea settling down, getting married and having 2.5 children is what they strive for, but for others namely perpetual bachelor or bachelorette, they avoid settling down like the plague.

Don’t get me wrong, a self-proclaimed bachelor or bachelorette is most of the time of having a very good dating life, and can even enjoy a wonderful long-term relationship…but the person that shares the life with the perpetual bachelor or bachelorette must be like-minded for the relationship to work.

A perpetual bachelor or bachelorette’s is not about planning to have children or waiting to get married, they are usually content where they are, if your plans include a wedding, 2.5 kids, a dog and a white picket fence you might be sadly disappointed.

Here is five ways you can tell he or she is a bachelor or bachelorette…

1. They are living exactly the same life they were living 10, 20 or 30 years ago.

The perpetual bachelor or bachelorette’s life does not seem to change, even as they age. They are still doing many of the things they have been doing for years because their life has never been interrupted by getting married or having a family.

Beyond living the same life they have always had, they are more likely to keep up with modern music, gadgets, and other fads.

2. They buy expensive clothing and accessories

These folks don’t mind dropping a whole lot of cash on clothing and often they have lots of it. Ladies won’t think twice about spending money on a pricey handbag, on an expensive suit.

3. Their careers or businesses come first.

These folks like to make money…and like to spend it, and the way most of these¬†perpetual bachelor or bachelorette get their money is by working long hours or starting their own businesses. For these folks, their career or business is like their child.

4. They choose a condo over a house.

Perpetual bachelor or bachelorettes will more likely live in a condo, townhouse or apartment then invest in a house, they would rather live in a swanky penthouse then be bothered with a maintenance of a house that would have too much room for them anyway.

5. They choose luxurious vehicles and sports cars.

A perpetual bachelor or bachelorette is more likely to spend money on a luxury vehicle, and especially likely to buy a two-seater high performance car such as a Porsche, especially if that high performance car is their daily driver.

6. They splurge on gadgets.

These folks tend to have the latest gadgets from the most high-tech smart phone to the newest iPad.

7. Marriage and family are on the very distant horizon…If on the horizen at all.

Many perpetual bachelor or bachelorette say they would ” one day, perhaps like to settle down, if I meet the right person”, the problem is, they might just keep saying this as they grow older and older, never actually meeting that right person.

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