Ten Ways You Can Know He Loves You!

It’s really not that difficult to tell if a man you are seeing is indeed committed to you. I hear all the time that men are really not complicated at all and it’s true.

The best way to tell if a man is into and committed to you for the long haul is by ignoring whatever he says and zeroing in on his actions.

That’s the rule I go by. That way I don’t have to spend time wondering about whether or not he is committed.

The answer is there for me and everybody else to see.

I take everything at face value and it really makes life and the interaction with him a whole lot easier.

So what are the signs that a man is truly committed to you?

Here are the top ten signs he’s committed to you and the relationship.

1. He treats you with respect. He won’t do anything or say anything to disrespect you.

2. He does whatever he says that he is going to do. His words are backed up by his actions. If he makes a promise or a commitment to doing something for you or with you, rest assured that he will follow through on it.

3.He ensures that he works to balance the amount of time spent together and the amount of time spent apart. This is important as it keeps the relationship healthy and balanced.

4. He invests himself, time and effort into the relationship to in an effort to allow the relationship to grow and develop.

5. He is willing to put the relationship with you above personal interest. You get the impression that he puts you and the relationship first. You makes sure that you are happy.

6. He is always willing and excited to develop a deeper emotional and intellectual connection or bond. He comes up with ways to do this all on his own without prodding from you.

7. He is less inclined to date or have relationships with other women. There is no need to as far as he is concerned.

8. He is unlikely to talk about ending the relationship or end the relationship. He wants to remain in a relationship with you. You know that whatever storms you have to weather he’ll be there to see you through then.

9. He tells and shows you that he thinks that you are the best thing that has happened to him.

10. He takes the lead in the relationship and makes things happen.

These are the signs that he is committed to you. So once you are aware of them, you can tell without having to wonder.

Congratulations you seem to be in a wonderful relationship! That is what many, both men and women, long for and you shouldn’t take it for granted!

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