He Needs Space! What Should I Do?

If a guy you are dating or your boyfriend suddenly says ” I need space”, you might not be seeing how this is a good thing at all! and you are right… at this point it’s probably not a good thing.

Have you been spending too much time together? Have you been expecting or demanding that he spend more time with you?

Have you been getting upset when he says that he has some stuff to finish so he can’t see you tonight or when he’s says that he’d like to spend some time with his friends?

I’m not sure what the dynamic is between you two but one thing I know is that something has happened to make him ask for time AWAY from you.

It may have nothing to do with you or it may have everything to do with you. That’s irrelevant at this point since he only wants one thing right now – space or “time away from you”.

So you know what you are going to do?

Give it to him!

Give him all the space that he needs and MORE!

I’ll tell you why this is so important!

1. You are not fighting against his wishes, you are giving him exactly what he wants.

How do you feel when you want something and someone tries to convince you that you should have the opposite. It’s frustrating right?

Well that’s exactly what’s going to happen, if you try to force the issue and try to get him to spend more time, with you and tell you what’s wrong.

It doesn’t matter why he wants space and trying to find out why he wants space away from you shouldn’t be at the top of your list.

Just give him what he wants. If he wants tell you, he’ll tell you what the problem is when he is good and ready.

2. It gives him the chance to think and work through his issues away from you.

He’s asked for some space so obviously there is an issue that he needs to work through.

Let him work through it and you’ll get to the bottom of what’s going on a whole lot faster WITHOUT having to expend any energy whatsoever stressing about whatever could be going on in his mind. Don’t do it, waste of time and energy.

3. He’ll probably start to miss you.

When that happens, his attraction for you will start to increase. Let’s not forget, you two are dating or in a relationship for a reason. He likes/loves you, he’s attracted to you but that attraction has dipped due to circumstances that has caused him to request time away from you.

When you do not fight him on his request and you stay away, he’ll start to miss you. He’ll remember all the good times you had and the sparks he had for you will resurface. Suddenly, you are no longer around and he’ll want to know what you are up to and he’ll come and find out.

4. Accepting his request gives you time to clear your head and assess the relationship for what it is.

You remain in control of this situation. This is not the time for you to become a basket-case wondering what he’s doing and if he’s about to break up with you.

So what if he does?

That just means that you two either aren’t compatible at all or have some issues to work through. Keep it together and use the time to figure out if you want this man around you at all?

How is his presence an asset in your life? If you cannot think of three reasons why you should keep him around, then perhaps YOU should have been the one asking for space from HIM!

5. Maybe this is just what the relationship needs – you two spending more time apart.

Time away from each other strengthens a relationship so maybe this is just what your relationship needs. Give him his space and just see what happens. Either way, you’ll be ok…

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