How To Get A Man To Marry You!

So you’ve found “the one.” You’re utterly in love… You can’t picture your life without him… and you want to take the relationship to the next level! The only problem is… you’re left wondering how to get the guy to marry YOU!

So many women find themselves exhausted, frustrated and CONFUSED after desperately trying to figure out what it takes to get a man to marry them. Don’t fret- you’re not alone.

When it comes to getting a guy to marry you, there are few things that EVERY woman must know and do. Look at these “things” as “non-negotiable” – things that you MUST do to even have a chance at getting him to marry you.

1. Talk About Marriage

A few conversations (or even thousands of conversations) about marriage must be had between the two individuals in a relationship before he will even think about proposing to you.

Now there are two ways to go about having “marriage conversations” – and each produces a very different result. You could be one of those women that beg and harass their man about getting married – almost like a child begging for a candy bar in the grocery store. Take note: THIS IS NOT WHAT A HEALTHY CONVERSATION ABOUT MARRIAGE LOOKS LIKE.

Or… You could bring up marriage in a nonchalant manner and really listen to what he thinks and feels about the topic. A great way to bring up getting married is to ask your boyfriend about what he sees in his future. If he responds with an answer that includes marriage, children, etc. – then you’re on the right track. If his answer is something like “Drugs, Sex and Rock and Roll” – it’s time that you reevaluate the state of your relationship!

2. Find Married Friends to Hang Out With

Another way to get a guy to marry you is to surround him with people that are already married. People that you spend a lot of time with have a huge influence on your everyday life, whether you recognize it or not. If you get him to start hanging out with married friends, he will begin to see the “ins and outs” of married life and possibly want that for himself. Hanging out with married couples will also make it easier to casually bring up the marriage topic in conversation.

3. Family Matters

Most men think very highly of their family and if this is the case in your situation, you’ve got to get into to his family in order to get him to marry you!

Now you’re probably wondering, “This seems easy enough… but how do I get in good with the family?” Start by bringing his family up in conversations between the two of you. Make suggestions that involve his family. For example, if he wants to have a BBQ at the house and invite a few friends over – pipe up and say, “Well why don’t we invite your parents as well”!

Building strong relationships with his family members is not a difficult task if you put a decent amount of effort into it. Remember, relationships take time to build and need to be consistent attention. Don’t be his mom’s BFF one day and then fail to return her seven missed calls the next!

Keep these three tips in mind next time you find yourself asking, “How do you get a guy to marry you?” This isn’t a comprehensive list, but one that will make the challenge a whole lot easier.


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