Professional Matchmaker Presents: Why Does He Pull Away As I am Getting Close?

So why men pull away just as things start to get serious? Is a dilemma that has been bugging many women for quite some time. Nearly all ladies in the world today are stuck in the same problem just like you.

If you are like most women, you don’t know how to react, now that he is losing interest in you and starts pulling away? Then this piece of writing may be the most critical letter you ever discover.

You think you found the man you want grow old with. He is good looking, kind, he makes you extremely happy, there’s not a moment that you will not think of him and just thinking of him really makes you enjoy life and look at it differently.

So you think it’s time to move on to the next phase and you let him know what you think. That’s when you notice that he is pulling away, becoming distant, avoiding the conversation and just isn’t acting like he wants to commit to a relationship, and when you asked him, what’s wrong? He will give you an answer like “nothing I’m just not ready or Honey, I Love You but I’m not ready!” now you ask yourself, what exactly is holding him back? Why won’t he commit to relationship? Is there something wrong with me or was it something I did or didn’t do?

Typically you are hammering your brain, working hard to discover what exactly you can do so you can get your boyfriend to commit.

Now you take a closer look to some people in your life that you may know personally or not, and try to identify what they have done to get their boyfriend to commit but nothing seem to work.


I want you to really listen up right here because this will be SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT! Ready?!


Many guys by nature are different from women, they deal with their emotions differently, they are not really good, when dealing with getting out their emotions. In the event that your man feels pressured to bring your relationship forward than he’s more comfortable with.

Your man will pull away!

Knowing his action can bring you significantly closer than before if you know how to respond when he pulls away.


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