Seven Signs He May Have Commitment Issues

The main reason many men are still single is they may have issues with making a commitment. Even when they are in what could be called their marrying years they are afraid of tying the knot with the love of their life. One the other hand, most women are eager to get married and may wait anxiously for their man to propose marriage to them.

However during your relationship your man may not have shown any interest to make this commitment with you. Why could he be reluctant even when he appears to be truly in love with you?

It could simply be a problem with commitments. He may be serious about you but at the same time be apprehensive about the responsibility he will assume for you and your children after marriage.

He could have his own dreams and ambitions he would have to put on hold or give up in the process of being a husband and father and this alone could make him hold off on marriage not only to you but anyone. Below are some things you may notice in a man that has commitment issues.

1. Every time you bring up the subject of marriage he changes the subject or avoids talking about it.

2. He has never talked about his family with you.

3. He has never made an effort for you to meet his family.

4. In his previous relationship he was the one that initiated the break up.

5. He seems to keep the time he spends with you limited.

6. He has mood changes that can go from being romantic to starting an argument with you.

7. And finally he never brings up the subject of marriage to you.

A man that has commitment issues is still able to fall in love, he is just afraid to commit with someone. If you are not willing to wait for him or are worried you could be emotionally hurt later you might consider ending this relationship and using it as a learning experience.

On the other hand if you are very much in love with him you might be able to use his love for you to your advantage and change his commitment problem. You will have to create a closer connection between you and your man and help him realize how close the two of you really are. You must take control of the direction of your relationship because if you let him he will most likely never commit.

Do not pressure him about marriage because he will just back off more. Being patient at this will be in your favor, do not rush into anything. Once you have created a closer connection between you take some time off and go away for a few days without him. Do not be readily available to him for phone calls.

You plan is make him miss you and realize how much you mean to him. Later you should spend more time with your friends than with him to create in him a feeling he may be losing you. He could reach a point that he can’t live without you and make a commitment to you on his own.


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7057545


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