The Top Five Reasons Men Pull Away

eeks and months ago, you went on a few dates, you spent time together and you talked about everything. There was an attraction. There was an attachment. You were happy. You were in love. Then poof! He was suddenly gone. He stopped calling more often. And, he stopped taking you out because he was busy. Why?

Why he pulls away when everything was going great?

1. You are Too Clingy

Your neediness suffocates him, so he leaves. Give him some space and focus on the other aspects of your life so you would not call him more often and monitor his actions every minute.

2. He is Afraid to Screw It Up

Maybe he has no clue on how to make a relationship work. Or, he is scared to make the wrong move and disappoint you. Whatever his reason is, you are more than what he asked for and that scared him more. That is why he pulls away.

3. He is Afraid of Commitment

Worse, he finds you ready for it while he is not. Whenever he is with you, he feels pressured to pop the question and start a family immediately, so he leaves.

4. He is Overwhelmed

When the relationship is doing great, chances are, he will feel closer to you and that is what freaks him out. It is likely that he is overwhelmed by his feelings and everything good about the relationship.

Men are not used to feeling and expressing strong emotions. When love happens, he panics because he has no clue on how to deal with it. He becomes afraid of the feeling that is why he pulls away.

5. Something is Not Right

For some reasons, as he gets to know you better, he starts to view you as a less part of his future. He might have seen some incompatibilities. He might be looking for a quality that you do not have. Or, the spark is just not there. Whatever it is, take it as you are not meant to be and move on.

Whatever his reason is, the best thing you can do is nothing. Making him stay by helping him face his fears or issues is the initial reaction. But it does not work. In fact, it will just push him farther. What you can do is let him have some space to sort things out. If he really likes you, he would miss you, call you and try to go back to your life.

The trick here is balance – a balance between his personal space and your time together. If you got it, he would think twice about leaving you again.

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