Matchmaker Presents: Letting Go Of Emotional Baggage Today

Two things are certain a) everyone is carrying some emotional baggage and b) everyone struggles to keep it at bay. What most don’t know is it’s now possible to completely and permanent delete old emotional baggage from the subconscious mind so that all ones time, energy and focus can go into creating a happy, fulfilling and successful life. So how does one do that you ask?

Emotional baggage manifests as negative thinking, negative emotions and self sabotaging behaviours that interfere with self esteem, self confidence, self worth, feelings of adequacy, emotional stability, relationships, career success, personal health, and the full expression of one’s creative authentic self to name a few.

All emotional baggage results from past negative events/experiences such as old rejections, abuse, abandonment, humiliations, failures etc. These events are all recorded and stored within the subconscious mind as negative memories. Such memories serve as the so called “evidence” for why one believes (and feels) themselves to be inadequate, unlovable, defective, needy, weak, fearful, unattractive and so on.

In other words the negative memories are the “foundation” of “all” old emotional baggage!

What you probably don’t know is that memories in the subconscious mind can now be rapidly, easily and permanently erased/deleted from within in much the same way that old unwanted computer files are deleted from the hard drive of your computer.

This erasure requires no drugs, hypnosis, NLP, EFT, or any therapy known on this planet.

So how does it work, you ask?

Well, a decade ago it was realized that negative memories behave much like a “waking dream state” i.e. they are experienced playing themselves out on the screen in the back of the mind in much the same way that dreams you have when asleep float through and captivate your mind at that time.

You are very familiar with how minutes after you awaken from a dream filled sleep the dreams seem to evaporate from consciousness and are next to impossible to recall. Well it turns out that erasing a memory is much like “waking up” from it.

Does that sound strange?

Well, let me use another metaphor. Suppose you went to a stage hypnosis show where you became one of the subjects and happened to be given the suggestion that you would feel and experience yourself as a 5 year old once you left.

If the suggestion never wore off you would continue to think of and experience yourself this way. It’s obvious that as a 5 year old, adult responsibilities would feel totally overwhelming to you. Now, isn’t that how many adults already feel?

Suppose that days later you ran into the hypnotist and he/she reversed the suggestion so that you could permanently wakeup to the experience of your true capable adult self, wouldn’t you feel relieved? Absolutely!

Well, it turns out that negative memories are (and behave) exactly like hypnotic trance like states. The way to wakeup from them is simply to erase them.

A decade ago while researching negative memories a new and powerful coaching algorithm was discovered that allows one to do just this. It is based on helping one uncover the many false beliefs we have about how we think negative memories serve us.

As these memories are systematically deleted the person progressively wakes up to the experience of an empowered, self confident, self assured, self loving, self respecting, discerning, mature, capable, attractive, authentic human being.

What most are amazed by when they experience this is that their true self was always there in the background waiting to be acknowledged and reclaimed.


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