How To Avoid Dating A Woman Who Only Wants Your Money

matchmaker in Los Angeles

No Golddiggers need apply.

A relationship is about many things, but money should not be one of them; Yet some women seem to think a relationship with a wealthy man is their key to a better lifestyle without even stopping to consider if the man behind the bank account is someone they truly care about. There are some men looking for women like this…I suppose, but they are not my clients…the men at come to me as a matchmaker are wealthy, hardworking and are looking for a woman who is looking for them, romance, marriage and commitment–for richer…or poorer.

As a single man, it is of course important to want to attract a woman who is attractive to you (whether that type be Miss girl next door or Super Model) , it is also important if you are seeking a long-term committed relationship that you attract the right woman who is not only beautiful but also someone you want to spend your life with and enjoy the companionship of….when you find this you will find a Miss Super Model or Miss Girl next door who is also Miss Right!

Until then, here are some from a professional matchmaker to keep you on the right track to meeting her!:

DO be a gentleman: a woman truly notices a man who takes time to open doors, pull out chairs, and do other simple little old fashioned acts of chivalry.

DON’T spend to much money on her in the beginning: Even if you have tons of money to burn don’t take her out to the fanciest restaurant on the first date, this is the best way to weed out gold diggers. The right woman is on a date to meet you not to have a free five star meal. Try taking her somewhere romantic, but not overpriced, the right woman after all is on the date to meet you, not your money.

DO dress well and be well groomed: Dress nice, smell nice, comb your hair. That’s all that is required.

DON’T be a show off: Beautiful, commitment-minded women are actually turned off by men who are excessive show offs. Women would rather hear about what is on your mind and in your heart rather then the fact you drive a $200,000 sports car or are wearing a $10,000 watch. The only women concerned with how much you spend on things probably is only interested in a long term relationship with your money.

DO be confidant: Most women like a man who is strong and confidant, one who knows what to order at a restaurant, how to set up a date and how to make good conversation, they also like a man who is confidant in himself and happy with his life.

DON’T be arrogant: Women see arrogant men as having little self esteem. If you don’t have the confidance you feel you should, just be yourself, there is no need to be someone your not.


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