Which Wedding Traditions To Get Rid Of, And Which Ones To Keep–From A Professional Matchmaker.


I’m going to share something very personal with you beyond what I normally write in my matchmaker blog, I am right in the middle of planning my own wedding to the best man in the world. Planning a wedding for many women is probably that is both stressful and beautiful. Some women couldn’t care less what kind of wedding they have and some women have been dreaming about the day since they were a little girl–if you have not guess already I have been dreaming of getting married since I knew what it was–I guess that is why I am becoming a matchmaker.

Yet the weddings of today have changed a lot in the past 50 years, the wedding traditions my grandmother had or even my mother today seem archaic and out of fashion, and sometimes even down right weird. Here are a couple traditions to keep and some to throw out the window to make your day especially special.

-Get rid of the garter toss: I don’t know where this tradition came from…and I don’t think I want to know. Seriously is it really appropriate for your groom to be taking off a piece of your underwear ( because that is what a garter is,after all) and throwing it to a bunch of loud, rowdy single men while your ultra conservative grandmother and great aunt Josephine look on cowering in embaressment? I think not…Save the underwear for the honeymoon and get rid of this tradition.

2. The bouquet toss:

A traditional bouquet toss is where the single women must line up and claw at each other to catch a handful of posies and the one who catches it is the next to get married…if you have a woman who feels strange about being single or coming alone the last thing she wants to get up with all the other single women and advertise her marital status.

-Bridesmaids in ugly dresses: If you are a bride who thinks her bridesmaids need to be ugly so you can look pretty you have some serious problems. When your maids look good and feel good, so do you!

Some to keep:

-The veil: While a veil is never required, one of the biggest regrets of brides is not wearing a veil…it’s the one thing that turns that beautiful gown from just another pretty dress into a wedding gown. If you don’t like the traditional veil, go with a bird cage veil.

– Not seeing each other until walking down the aisle: There is something so beautiful about this, if this is not you, you might want to try a “first look”, and make sure if you do have your photographer on hand!

-Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue– Such a simple tradition, I have no idea where it came from, but I like it.

Some To get rid of some to keep…the choice is yours:

-Dad walking the bride up the aisle: Depending on your culture or preference or the availability of your dad walk you up you might choose someone else whether it is both parents, your mother, your aunt, your uncle or just a close family friend…you might even chose to walk up the aisle with your groom.

– The cake: Cakes can be beautiful, but also expensive and traditional, if a cake is not you then why not skip it or have a cake alternative…brides and grooms do all sorts of things today…everything from piles of donuts to cupcakes and even pie.

– The white dress- If you don’t want to wear traditional white…there is nothing wrong with wearing any color you like…in fact colored dresses are becoming increasingly popular with brides opting for such colors as blush pink, red and even black!

– The DJ/Band–With Ipods, who needs a band or a DJ? If you are strapped for cash, an ipod can save you a lot of money.






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