Four Things That Make You Unapprochable To Men

Thing That Make Women Unapproachable

Wondering why it’s hard for you to connect with men while out exploring the singles scene? Do you wonder why certain women seem to attract all the men?

Here are four things from a professional matchmaker that are making you unapproachable to men:

No smile.

A smile to anyone shows the word you are happy, lively, friendly and all these things make you approachable. A girl with a scowl appears unhappy, closed and introverted. Her face is tense which can make her appear stresses and anxious. Next time you are out, flashing those pretty whites can make a big difference when trying to attract Mr. Right.

Not making eye contact.

The truth is, when it comes to knowing if someone is attracted to them women are a lot smarter since most of them are more in touch with their emotions. Men are pretty clueless when it comes to knowing a woman is attract to them, they have to see some pretty obvious signs or they are going to pass you right by. Nothing says “ I’m interested” like deep eye, direct eye contact combined with that smile.

You’re surrounded by your friends.

Men will attempt feats of bravery but there is one risk that many men will never do, and that is approach a woman who is surrounded by a group of other woman. Being surrounded by women you might as well be stranding behind a ten foot high electric fence with barbed wire on the top. Want to attract a man? Leave the group and move into his vicinity showing your avaliblity.

You’re too flirtatous.

If you interaction with a man is all flirtation and no intelligent conversation a man is going to quickly loose interest. In order to attract a man, he must be first physically attracted to you, but after that you must stimulate his mind. He wants to know about you. Flirtation is great to make sure he is interested, but after that turn it off. Also, if a man sees you flirting with other men after you have expressed interest in him, this is a major turn off and probably will end up backfiring.


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