What Is A Wedding Truly About?

As a matchmaker, having matched up over 200 couples for marriage, I have been to my fair share of weddings…I have been to all kinds of weddings from traditional to crazy themed soires. Some of the couples I have matched off choose to elope, some had ceremonies which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now after years of waiting, I am planning my own wedding. The wedding I want now is quite different then then the wanted I was in my early 20’s. Then I didn’t really understand what a wedding was truly about, like many young women I thought the wedding was a big party where I could wear a very pretty, poufy white dress and be a princess I was.

Now, years later, I have truly come to understand what a wedding truly means…

The truth is, you can spend any amount of money on a wedding. What matters is not the money but the love between the groom and the bride, so along as this is alive and burning it does not matter whether you are married in Vegas by Elvis or in a castle in Italy or in local city. A wedding by it’s basic definition is a joining together of two people, and that is what it is meant to be. Beyond this, unless your wedding is an elopement ( which is perfectly fine), a wedding is a gathering together of your nearest and dearest to celebrate you and your loved one.

To those people who put down spending good money on a wedding and say it is ” only one day”, the truth, it really isn’t. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is something ( hopefully) you will never do again except perhaps if you are renewing your vows, so it’s so much more then ” just one day”; But that being said, you should no have to go into debt for the wedding for your dreams, but it does not mean you should skimp either.

Have the day you want, the one you can afford, the one you and your intended will remember forever.


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