Choosing a Perfume For Your Wedding Day

One of the most overlooked wedding details when a bride is getting ready for her big day is what scent she will wear. While this little detail may seem silly, it is actually very important, especially for the ultra romantic who wants to remember her wedding day for the rest of her life. As a matchmaker and soon-to-be bride, I have come to find out that choosing a scent for your wedding day is not just about smelling nice, it’s about so much more.

The point of a wedding day perfume is that you pick a scent that is special to you ( and your groom), whether it is something you buy especially for the wedding or something you wear on an everyday basis, the perfume will not only have you smelling nice, but will also create a memory for you, so every time you put it on you will remember your day.

My advice as a professional matchmaker is to wear something that you don’t normally, something you have bought especially for your day, this way you don’t associate it with anything else.

Match your scent to the flavor and theme of your wedding of your wedding and even the flowers you are using in your bouquets and centerpieces but most important choose something you like.

Here are some of my favorite scents that you can try for your big day:

Romance by Ralph Lauren

Chance by Chanel

Miss Dior- By Dior

Anything by Jo Malone

Fantasia De Fleur-By Creed





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