Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Everyone know this traditional wedding rhyme, but where did it come from, and why exactly do you need something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?

Many brides with help from their female family members participate in this tradition without giving its origins a thought. As a fairly traditional bride to be as well as a matchmaker who watches many clients of mine get married, I also participating in this tradition, though I wanted to dig a little further into this tradition plus provide some tips for brides who want to participate in it today.

The origins of this rhyme, like many modern marriage customs, is in Victorian England and started with the woman who spearheaded most of the marriage customs we know today ( including wearing white) Queen Victoria who was the namesake for the Victorian era.

Victorian brides wore something old to represent their past, something new to represent their new life with their husband, something borrowed alludes to happiness and blue alludes to faithfulness and purity.

There is another part of the rhyme which is often over looked which is ” a six pence in her shoe”, this was to symbolize wealth for the coming marriage, though I think fell out of favor because it is probably hard to figure out how to attach a coin to your favorite Jimmy Choos.

Anyway, for today’s bride who would like to carry on this tradition, there are many ways to bring this custom to your wedding attire.

For something old: You grandmother’s pearls are a perfect example!

For something new: This could be anything, your dress, your shoes, your head piece, most brides clothing that they wear on their wedding day is new, so this should not be hard!

Something borrowed: This can be a little tricky, since you want to borrow something that works with your outfit, try something small like your mother’ ring or something which belongs to a close female relative. For a very modern approach, you can also rent a piece of jewelry from Rent The Runway, a great website for brides on a budget, this works because you are literally borrowing something fabulous form the company.

Something blue: You can literally do anything from your sapphires in your earrings to beautiful blue blooms in your bouquet, to blue shoes. Anything is possible!

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