How To Pick Your Wedding Colors From An Upscale Matchmaker

Colors bring beauty to everything which is why it is an essential element in any wedding ceremony. Whether you choose dark, soft, bright or bold, colors dictate everything in a wedding. If you love colors but you don’t know what to choose for your wedding day, then this article will help you select the perfect colors that symbolize your personality and how it can be incorporated in the ceremony.

Season and venue

In choosing your colors, you have to consider the season – summer, winter, fall or winter. The season is a helpful element in determining your wedding colors. Also you have to bear in mind the kind of space used for the reception and ceremony. The colors must match your outdoor or indoor venue.

Look for inspiration

You could look online for countless fascinating wedding decorations or read magazine about home decors. You could look around your house or determine the colors dominating your closet. Looking around to find for inspiration is an effective way to realize the wedding colors that best reflect your personality. The runway is also a great place to find the right combination of colors.

Uses of color

If you have selected your wedding colors, then you have to incorporate them with the elements of the wedding. But bear in mind, you should not overdo it, or you will get your guests confused.

• Wedding invitation – The wedding invitation should have your wedding colors to formally inform your guests about your theme and colors. Remember, be creative with the invitations.

• Reception – Chair covers, table cloths, drape, centerpieces and lighting should display your wedding colors beautifully.

• Florals – The flowers brings loveliness to any wedding ceremony. The shades and arrangement of your flowers should compliment your chosen colors.

• The bridesmaid and groomsmen – To make your wedding unique, have different styles of dresses of the same hue for bridesmaid and groomsmen.

• Wedding favors – The “thank you” elements should be wrapped in unique decors with shades of your wedding colors. Your guests will surely adore these little and thoughtful favors.

• Wedding gown and bridal accessories – Any bridal accessory that you will wear with your bridal gown should have the same shade of your wedding colors. Keep in mind you have to be most beautiful bride in your special day so choose an accessory that best reflects your personality.

Seek the help of your partner, family members and even your best friend to find the best wedding colors. You don’t have to follow what’s in the trend. Select the colors you feel will make you stunning when you incorporate them in your wedding ceremony and reception.

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