About Nicole Westwood

Hi there!

My name is Nicole Westwood and I am a professional matchmaker and relationship coach based in Los Angeles, CA. I have been a matchmaker now for five years and can say proudly that I have just over 100 marriages to my name, as well as countless long term relationships.

I am also a relationship coach and help men and women all over the country who are seeking help with being the best that they can be in the dating game.

If you are seeking matchmaking or relationship coaching, please visit my site at Perfect 10Introductions.com to find out more!

Read More About Why You Should Hire A Professional Matchmaker:

TIMING IS RIGHT – People that make the commitment to work with a matchmaker are actively looking for a relationship, not just casually “testing the waters” like so many people using online dating services. You won’t waste your time or energy with those types of people as matchmaker clients are taking charge of their life and ready to meet that special someone.

PERSONAL SERVICE – Matchmakers get to know their clients, their hopes and dreams –forming a deep bond based on trust, that goes far beyond any online service. They interact with their clients on a regular basis, helping them redirect their personal lives in a healthy, fulfilling and friendly professional manner. Working with a matchmaker is a fascinating experience, you learn a lot about yourself in the process. Try sharing this experience or a laugh or story with a computer!

PRIVACY – Your personal information and photograph is not on public display all over the world-wide web. Your information private – it’s simply a discreet way to handle you personal life.

BACKGROUND CHECKS – This is a safe way to meet someone. Each client is screened and qualified for your safety and security. You can feel confident meeting the individuals selected for you.

NO WASTED TIME – Because every client is screened in person, no one gets the opportunity to misrepresent themselves. This is one of the biggest complaints about online services.

CALIBER OF CLIENT – Matchmaker client’s are impressive. Professionals, executives, business owners… they bring a lot to the table. Discerning people use a professional matchmaker.

VALUE – Matchmaker clients take this experience more serious than the typical online person. When you pay for a service it has significant value versus free or bargain sites. You avoid people who are playing games and not serious about finding the right one for them.

Matchmakers are personally committed to helping you find that special person who is just as unique as you are! It’s a process and there are no guarantees about how quickly this will happen, one match or a dozen?

The point is to take charge of your personal life. Don’t leave it up to chance. In order to be successful in our professional life we hire the best person available to assist us…the best lawyer, the best accountant, the best marketer etc. If you agree that this is possibly the most important search of your life, it makes sense that you would want to place that search in the hands of someone you trust, someone that gets to know you personally.

Working with a matchmaker is the most fun you can have finding love, and your executive matchmaker will be there with you every step of the way. It’s all about you…so what are you waiting for?


3 thoughts on “About Nicole Westwood

  1. Your company sounds refreshing real I been through 3 other matchmakers and am compleatly frustrated with men that are not even close to what I am looking for please contact me thanks c

  2. Nicole, I just wanted to touch base to let you know that although I’m not “hitting” on you, that I truly love the look you’re giving in your pic! It seems so retro…very 50’s modern girl… classic abd beautiful, the way amazing women should be…


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