Three Tips For Attracting Beautiful Women–From A Professional Matchmaker.

Ever wondered why some men seem to always know how to attract beautiful women and you don’t? Is it because of your looks? Looks do help a little but looking good only represents a small portion of what you need in order to attract beautiful women. A combination of factors is the key to learning how to attract beautiful women and you’ll find 3 crucial criteria any men should respect if you want to have even the slightest chance of turning her head in your direction.

Impeccable Self-Esteem

Here’s the scenario, you look good, she noticed you and is coming towards you. She says “Hi” and you basically are lost for words or your reply doesn’t make sense. You can’t keep a conversation and she simply leaves. What does that say about you? You’re lacking personality, you don’t have your own voice. You may look good but if you can’t talk with her she’ll just assume you’re lacking socially or you’re plain dumb. Neither one of them sound good. You don’t need to have an expert opinion of every conversation topic but you do need to have an idea of what you or she wants to talk about. The worst case is you are completely clueless of the topic at hand so you try and divert the conversation into a more friendly territory. Believing in yourself is how you’ll learn to attract beautiful women and it doesn’t stop there, it could be anyone.

Get Proper Clothing

The cardinal rule of learning how to attract beautiful women is you should also look “beautiful”. If you expect to meet a lady while wearing stained clothes and looking like a cave men, you can be sure not women will even take a second look at you. It’s not about wearing all the branded clothes and look like James Bond, but wearing something clean and being properly groomed will go a long way in attracting a woman’s attention. Remember, at any location there’s always a few people who’ll stand out from the crowd and you want to be one of those. It’s pretty close to peacocking but doesn’t have to if you don’t wear anything that stands out.

Smile & Smell Good

The easiest trick to learn how to attract beautiful women is to smile and smell nice. Hygiene is usually very high on anyone’s list when meeting strangers. So smiling and smelling nice is going to make you look better, especially if you’re the only one smiling in the room. Smiling reflects positivity and positivity is definitely more attractive for a woman than negativity. Smelling good is just as important as smiling. You simply need to smell better than if you haven’t showered in days or after workouts to make her nose tingle in your way. Just don’t start bathing in perfume because she’ll just lose consciousness from odor’s concentration.

Figuring out how to attract beautiful women is not rocket science and you can see by this article, it doesn’t necessarily require you to break the bank. As you become better at attracting women near you, you’ll be able to know how to attract beautiful women without even realizing it.

Nicole Westwood is an upscale matchmaker and aprofessional matchmaker at Perfect 10 Introductions, an upscale matchmaking agency providing executive matchmaking to upscale singles.


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